Struggling To Find Affordable, Quality Child Care: State Representative Megan Cotter’s

9 out of 10 families in Rhode Island lack access to affordable, reliable, quality child care. We partnered with the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island to help parents share their stories. Here’s State Representative Megan Cotter’s story:

While today, I am a working professional and representative supporting the greater Exeter, Richmond and Hopkinton communities, it wasn’t too long ago that I delayed my professional career due to the astronomical child care costs facing me and my young family. Instead of starting my career upon my college graduation in 2008, I waitressed in the evenings after my husband got home from his day job. We had to trade off our caregiving responsibilities because we just couldn’t justify the child care expense when we were so early in our professional careers. My story is just one – This issue disproportionately impacts women. I know I represent thousands of my constituents, many who have their own child care payment challenges. They often tell me of the stress facing their family and the burden child care causes them and their family.