Virtual Strolling Thunder RI FAQ

What type of photo should I submit?

Please choose a clear photo with decent lighting that features your child (age 0 to 3) in a stroller, with or without additional members of your family. Since this event is all about kiddos, make sure we can see their face. 

As always, please make sure your child is safely secured for the photo. Selfies are welcome, or you can enlist a family member to play photographer. Please keep in mind that the social media frame will cover the outer edge of the photo, as shown in the sample photos.

Is it ok if we’re wearing face masks in our photo?

These days, many of us are venturing out in public for fresh air and exercise with face masks on. Your family may be shown with or without face masks (as appropriate), but please remember that, per CDC guidelines, children under age two should never wear a face mask. 

What file format does the photo need to be?

Any photo taken with a cell phone will work, as well as any clear photo you may have on your computer in a variety of file formats: pdf, jpeg, etc. 

I prefer not to share photos of my family on social media. How else can I help?

You can stay engaged in our work in other ways. Please take two minutes to email your elected officials using our template. Don’t forget to follow RIght From the Start on social media and sign up for the RIght from the Start newsletter.

How will my photo be used?

We will be posting and sharing photos as part of the virtual event, and tagging legislators so they can see that their constituents support these policy priorities. As noted in the “Consent for Photo and Information Sharing” section of the event participation form, RIght From The Start and its partners may use photos after the event in other formats, including, but not limited to, on websites, in social media posts, and in printed materials.