Strolling Thunder RI 2020: Virtually Strolling to the State House to Advocate for Rhode Island’s Kids

Today, May 20th is Strolling Thunder Rhode Island and Child Care Day 2020! Although we can’t physically make it to the State House, that’s not stopping our army of parents and cute kids from “virtually strolling” to push for policies and legislation to ensure that ALL Rhode Island kids, regardless of zip code, race, ethnicity, or family income, get off to the right start in life.

Avalynn from Providence.

Message from Avalynn’s mom Ashley Rhoades to Sen. Gayle Goldin and Representative Rebecca Kislak:

“I believe that all families, and children should receive the same quality care that others receive. Our teachers deserve better pay because They put in many hours outside of school.”
Luanda Mayor Plasencia and Helio da Cruz of Cumberland with son Haydn da Cruz.

Message for Sen. Ryan Pearson and Rep. James McLaughlin:

“El cuidado infantil y la gratitud a los profesores es una de las cosas más importantes en nuestra sociedad! Los niños son la esperanza del mundo y por ellos debemos velar !”
Mary Bedoya of Central Falls with daughter Samara.

Message for Sen. Elizabeth Crowley and Rep. Joshua Giraldo:

“Por que nos ayudan a la educación de los niños y al bienestar de la salud.”
Chris Picinich of Warwick with daughter Felicity.

Message for Sen. Erin Lynch Prata and Rep. David Bennett:

“Parenting is hard and families can use extra help nurturing their babies and setting them up for a healthy life. My daughter was born prematurely so we qualified for a nursing service that came to our house 3 times a week in the beginning. I cannot thank our nurse enough for all the support she gave my family. I want all families to have that option.
Calan from Woonsocket.

Message from Calan’s mom Jaelle Laplante to Sen. Roger Picard and Rep. Robert Phillips:

“The pandemic has shown the need for increased pay for child care work!”
Luke from Charlestown.

Message from Luke’s mom Sarah Gorman to Sen. Elaine Morgan Rep. Blake Filippi:

“I was never thrilled about my child having to go to daycare while I worked until I found Barbara Minteer and Munchkin Manor. She has single-handedly changed my entire perspective on daycare through offering one of the most amazing programs I ever could have dreamed of. My son would not be who he is today without her, the program she runs so well, or the peers he has grown to love like siblings. I am eternally grateful to her for making me feel so comfortable with him being there while I have to work and keeping me informed in a way that has always made me feel he is safe and loved.”
Yuri from Bristol.

Message from Yuri’s mom Katya Nanson to Sen. Cynthia Coyne and Rep. Susan Donovan:

“Early education is just important as school.”
Liam from North Kingstown.

Message from Liam’s mom Mariel Mastrostefano to Sen. James Sheehan and Rep. Julie Casimiro:

“I love my child and want all children to have the best future.”
Reyna from Central Falls.

Message from Reyna’s mom Carlene Fonseca to Sen. Elizabeth Crowley and Rep. Joshua Giraldo:

“All children, right from birth, deserve a fair chance in life regardless of their circumstances.”
Ben from Providence.

Message from Ben’s mom Fernanda Poyant to Sen. Dominic Ruggerio and Rep. Marcia Ranglin-Vassell:

“My dream is for all childcare to be consider in terms of universal accessibility. I would like for future families to not have the same struggles my family has in affording high quality daycare.”