Early Intervention: Luna’s Story

Arileibys’s daughter Luna was born premature and had to spend several weeks in the NICU. Overwhelmed and worried for her newborn, Arileibys felt like she was all alone.

Before Luna was even discharged from the hospital, Arileibys was connected with Early Intervention through Meeting Street.

“When something happens in just the right moment, that for me was Early Intervention,” Arileibys says.

With support from Early Intervention, Arileibys was able to find a pediatrician who understood Luna’s needs. Meeting Street set her up with occupational and physical therapy, a speech language pathologist, and a nutritionist for her daughter.

But because Luna requires a home care nurse, Arileibys is unable to find adequate childcare for care Luna, making Arileibys’s goal of continuing her education that much harder to reach.

Arileibys wants state leaders to know that without the supports she received from Early Intervention, she would not know how to go about getting any of the services and specialist care that Luna needs. “Luna is doing so much better today, speaking so much better,” she says. “Early Intervention fought so hard for her, and taught me and my family how to fight for her.”